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At CARGOWELD we focus on providing integral solutions that add value to our customers’ operations, through the leasing of specialized equipment, ensuring that Quality, Safety, Health and Environmental Protection considerations are priorities for management and all our collaborators. The prevention of accidental losses due to process failures are a recognized integral part of our culture of continuous improvement.


By the year 2025, we aim to serve multiple industrial sectors with the largest market share, differentiating ourselves by the level of specialization of our services and a complete business offer; simultaneously maintaining our leadership in integral solutions in the CCU’s, Power and Welding Solution business lines, providing value to our customers, shareholders and stakeholders, with infrastructure designed to meet the most demanding standards of the global market, in harmony with the environment.


Management shows visible commitment to QHSE, providing the necessary resources to develop and maintain a Management System throughout the organization.

Management and coordination guide us with their strong and visible leadership, as well as actively participate in the continuous race towards a corporate culture that places QHSE on equal footing with other key business objectives.

Our people, their development to excel in any field and their dedication to safety and customer service is our greatest strength.

At CARGOWELD our people depend on this feeling to get the jobs done that could never be done by a single individual, no matter how strong or smart the team members are.

We are aware that we are responsible for our own actions and always comply with the QHSE.

Version 1, Effective from: 12/10/2022

Integrated QHSE Policy

CARGOWELD, a leading company in solutions for the handling of materials and equipment for construction, through the rental of baskets, containers, tanks designed to meet the most demanding standards of the market; as well as in generator equipment, lights and welding machines; based on the needs of our customers. Quality, Health, Safety, Security and Environmental Protection in our operations is the responsibility of the management with the commitment and active support of all our collaborators. We are committed to:

  • Ensure the quality of our services, complying with the requirements of the client and our stakeholders, to achieve their satisfaction, seeking to exceed their expectations.
  • Maintain the service equipment and infrastructure to extend its useful life, guaranteeing the customer’s certainty.
  • Establish and follow up on mechanisms to identify hazards and risks that allow us to reduce the incidence and potential for fatalities in our activities and operations.
  • To take measures to prevent pollution and reduce the consumption of natural resources, as well as to identify and control the environmental aspects related to our activities and services, striving to carry out the execution of the service with awareness in the protection of the environment; as well as to procure specialized equipment for the integral management of the clients’ waste.
  • To have competent and committed human talent in QHSE, as well as suppliers and contractors aligned to the fulfillment of our QHSE policies.
  • Comply with legal and regulatory requirements applicable to our QHSE services and infrastructure.
  • Implement strategies that allow us to continuously improve the performance of the QHSE Integrated
  • Management System, as well as continue to apply the consultation and participation mechanisms for our employees.
  • Implement addiction prevention strategies (alcoholism, smoking and drug addiction) and the adoption of healthy practices.

Maintain healthy and lasting business relationships, evidenced through our economic and social strength.

We are committed to active compliance with the QHSE objectives in our management system, this is of utmost importance for the success of our business as it reduces risk and adds value to our services.

Mauricio Gracia Peña
General Manager

Version: 1, Effective from: 19/10/2022