Big Blue 500

The clean and quiet multi-process machine delivers up to 500 amps of welding power with an EPA motor, ideal for heavy use. The generator power is independent of the welding configuration which means there is no interaction between the tools and the welding arc.

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  • Maintenance and repair
  • Manufacturing
  • Heavy Construction
  • Thick work of steel
  • Mining
  • Process Plant Pipes
  • Sheet metal


Processes Air Carbon Arc Cutting and Gouging (CAC-A)
Flux Cored (FCAW)
Stick (SMAW)
Title Big Blue® 500 Pro (Kubota) 
Industry interests Construction
Maintenance and Repair – Field Operations
Pipe fabrication / construction
Work / Service Trucks 
Cold weather starting aids Engine block heater
Glow plugs 
Engine brand Kubota 
Engine compliance T4F 
Engine idle speed 1350 RPM 
Motor welding speed 1800 RPM 
Fuel tank size 25 gal. 
Fuel type Diesel 
Horsepower 48.9 hp 
Weldable metals Steel
Steel stainless 
Rated output 500 A a 40 V, 100% duty cycle
450 A a 38 V, 100% duty cycle
400 A a 36 V, 100% duty cycle 
Single-phase continuous power generator 12000 W 
Single phase generator peak power 15000 W 
Sound classification Idle: 65.9 dB / Weld: 74.3 dB 
Three-phase continuous power generator 20000 W 
Three-phase generator peak power 27000 W 
Nominal Carbon Diameter 3/8 in (9.5 mm) 
Current rate DC 
Maximum open circuit voltage 92 VDC 
Amperage range 20 A – 500 A 
Portability Fork pockets
Raise eye (standard)
Trailer (optional) 
Welding output CC/ CV 
Width 28.5 in 
Height 46 in 
Length 69.5 in 
Net weight 1750 lbs